SQL DQL Test 2

  1. list all selling in 2019
  2. count all selling year wise order by selling
  3. select all selling in march month of year 2019
  4. count selling in 22 week of year 2020
  5. select all selling from 1st Feb 2019 to 31st Mar 2019
  6. select all customers who place orders in 2019
  7. select all customers from USA who placed order in 2019
  8. select all customers whose order is on hold
  9. select all customers who placed order in march month only
  10. select top 5 customers from USA (who has maximum orders from country USA)

SQL DQL Test 1

  1. select employees in descending order – salary
  2. select all employees from Mumbai
  3. select all employees having salary more than average salary
  4. select sum of salary from table
  5. select all unique address
  6. select details, salary from table
    (details should be concatenation of name and address)
  7. select names of employees having max salary
  8. select employees having 2nd max salary
  9. count employees by address, order by employee count
    e.g. select count(name,address) from employee
  10. show count of employees from nagpur only
  11. select all employees whose names starts or ends with vowels
  12. find employees having max salary in particular city
  13. select top 5 salaried employees
  14. select 2nd highest salaried employees
  15. show cities having total salary more than 200000
  16. Show all students who appeared for exam
  17. show student, subject and total marks of students whose total marks are more than 80