Interview Questions



  1. What is PEAR
  2. Full form of PHP
  3. Difference between GET and POST
  4. Array Functions (any 5)
  5. String Functions (any 5)
  6. What are the data types available in Php
  7. New features in PHP 7
  8. What is session how does it work. Where does session store.
  9. What is cookie
  10. Difference between session and cookies
  11. How to get extension of file.
  12. Difference between include and require
  13. What are magic methods in php
  14. Types of errors in php
  15. How to disables errors in php
  16. How to set the execution time of a script
  17. How to secure SQL in php
  18. What is MVC design pattern
  19. What is XSS and CSRF
  20. Difference between Apache and Nginx


  1. What are major and minor pillars of OOPS
  2. What is Encapsulation and Abstraction
  3. Difference between Abstract Class and Interface
  4. What is the use of static modifier
  5. What are the different access specifier
  6. What is method overloading and method overriding
  7. What is final keyword
  8. Why php doesn’t support multiple inheritance
  9. How to achieve multiple inheritance in OOPS
  10. Can we create object of abstract class
  11. Design Patterns: Singleton (description) and Factory
  12. Can methods in interface have private or protected visibility


SQL / Database

  1. What is DDL, DML, DQL, DCL and DTL
  2. What are Joins
  3. Inner Join, Left outer Join, Full outer join
  4. What is Union
  5. Inner Query
  6. Subquery
  7. How to get the highest and second highest salary holders
  8. Difference between LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN
  9. Select employees and their manager names from  employees table
  10. How to use REGEX in DQL
  11. Difference between stored procedure and functions
  12. What is trigger
  13. How to create views, procedure, function and package
  14. What is indexing. How indexing work in RDBMS
  15. What is the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM database engine

Angular JS

  1. How to pass data from one controller to another
  2. Why to use Angular JS over jquery or javascript

Web Services

  1. What is Web API/Web Service?
  2. Difference Between Web API/Web Service?
  3. Overview of RPC, XML-RPC, REST
  5. Securing API (Token, JWT, OAuth2)
  6. Please describe some potential issues with developing a REST API with Laravel and how you would mitigate them


  1. What is CSRF attack
  2. What is XSS attack
  3. What is SQL injection How can we protect
  4. How can we secure web services
  5. iFrame cross-origin
  6. What are some of the things you would do to make sure the code you develop is both optimised and secure?

Project Management

  1. What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?

What are the ways to create object of class

There are four different ways to create objects in java:
  1. A. Using new keyword. This is the most common way to create an object in java. …
  2. B. Using Class.forName() If we know the name of the class & if it has a public default constructor we can create an object in this way.
  3. C. Using clone() …
  4. D. Using object deserialization.

What are methods of Object class

Object class methods Description
int hashCode(); Returns a hash value that is used to search objects in a collection
void notify(); Used in synchronizing threads
void notifyAll(); Used in synchronizing threads
String toString(); Can be used to convert the object to String