C Programming

C Programming Contents
1 C Basics
2 History of C
3 C Program Structure
4 Variables
5 Constants
6 Datatypes
7 C Elements
Punctuation and Special Characters
8 Escape Sequences
9 Formattet I/O Functions
printf function
scanf function
character I/O
String I/O
10 Expressions
Evaluation of Expresssions
Type Conversion in expression
Explicit Conversion / Cast Operator
Operator Precedence & Associativity
Bitwise Operator
11 Statements
labeled Statement
iteration statement
jump statement
12 Conditional Statement
if statement
nested if statement
ladder structure
turnery operation ? :
sizeof operator
switch statement
13 Looping and Iteration
while loop
for loop
do – while loop
14 typedef
15 symbolic constant
16 enumerated constants
17 Prefix and Postfix ++/– Operators
18 Jump Statements
goto statement
19 Comma Operator
20 Functions
Functions returning values
Functions not returning values
Recursive Functions
21 Math Functions
22 Types of Variables
local variables
global variables
storage class
auto variables
extern variables
static variables
register variables
23 Arrays
One Dimensional Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
24 Strings
String Functions
25 Pointers
Pointer Arithmetic
Indirection and Dereference operator
Arrays & Pointers
Call by Value / Reference
Functions returning multiple values
Pointer to Pointer
Array of Pointer
Passing arrays as arguments
Function Pointers
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Function returning Pointer
26 Structures
Array of Structures
Nested Structures
Structure Initialization
Anyonamoyus Structures
Structure Pointer
Structure as an Argument
Structure Pointer as Arguments
Bit Fields
Structure Padding
27 Unions
Difference between structure and union
28 File I/O