C++ Mini Project

Problem Statement

Company’s board member requested admin to provide MIS report of all employees with total, average, min, max, minimum salaried employees, maximum salaried employees and department wise salary.

You need to create a program for the same using following concepts of c++ programming language

  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance


  • P0
    1. Create a class Person with datamembers: name, age, city
    2. Create a class Employee which will inherit features of Person class with it’s own datamembers: empid, department, salary
  • P1
    1. Create array of 10 employees and print its data using for loop
  • P2
    1. Find and Print Total Salary, Average Salary, Max Salary, Min Salary
  • P3
    1. Create function getMaxSalEmps() to print employees having highest salary
    2. Create function getMinSalEmps() to print all employees having minimum salary
  • P4
    1. Create function getDeptWiseSalary() to print department wise total salary

Sample Output