HTML5 and CSS3

1 Introduction
2 Software Installation and Configuration
3 Creating first Page Hello Html
4 Basic Tags – Head, Title, Meta, Body, Breaks, Paragraph, Headers
5 Comments, Font Style: Bold and Italics
6 Lists
7 Hyperlinks | anchor tag
8 Image tag
9 Directory Structure: Absolute and Relative Path
10 HTML5 audio and video tag
11 HTML5 Layout tags
header, nav, section and article, aside, footer,
12 html table
caption, thead, tbody, tfoot
th, tr, td, colspan, rowspan, border
13 HTML Forms
input: text, password
14 select tag
option, multiple, optgroup label=”group name”
15 checkbox and radio buttons
16 textarea
17 buttons: button, submit, file, reset
18 label and fieldset
label for=”id”
fieldset: legend
19 Formatting Forms
20 Deployment


1 Introduction to CSS
2 Types of CSS: Inline, Internal and External
3 CSS Comments
4 Font Properties
5 Box Model: p, div, span tags and border property
6 Margin and Padding Properties
7 Colors: rgba
8 text-decoration
9 Background Image: repeat, position, attachment
10 CSS class
11 CSS id
12 Child selectors: with tag, with class and with ids
13 Pseudo Class: first-letter, first-line, first-child, last-child
befor | after :- content
14 n-th child pseudo class
even, odd,[number]n, [number]
15 Hyper Link Style: default, hover, active, visited
16 Styling lists
list-style-type, list-style-image, line-height, list-style-position
17 Border Radius | Rounded Box Corner
18 Liner Gradient
background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #color [%], #color [%], …)
19 Box positioning: overflow, float and clear property
20 * property for all
21 box width and margin: 0 auto
22 Accordian, Toggle, Breadcrumbs