Interview Questions

  1. What is the difference between html and html5
  2. Tag name available in html5
  3. What is javascript
  4. What is ajax and its benefits
  5. what is the different type of request available in ajax
  6. what is jquery and its benefits
  7. Main difference between javascript and jquery
  8. Event in jquery
  9. example of jquery event
  10. what is difference between CSS and CSS3
  11. what is media query in CSS
  12. What is bootstrap
  13. what is grid system in bootstrap
  14. What is JSON
  15. What is API
  16. What is PHP
  17. what is variable in PHP
  18. what types of variable available in PHP
  19. what is array in PHP
  20. how many types of array available in PHP
  21. difference between associative array and multidimentional array
  22. Difference between library function and user defined function in php
  23. Give me example of library function
  24. Difference between sessions and cookies
  25. What is difference between get and post method
  26. What is database
  27. What is table
  28. What is database MYSQL queries
  29. Type of relationship available in MYSQL
  30. Which datatype is use to store image in table
  31. What is OOPS
  32. Difference between classes and objects
  33. What is the different type array function in PHP
  34. Difference between concat() and array_push()
  35. Difference between constructor() and destructor()
  36. Types of error available in PHP
  37. Difference between library file and helper file
  38. Give me any three datatype of date and time
  39. What is blob in MYSQL
  40. Difference between RDBMS and DBMS
  41. Difference between string datatype and varchar datatype
  42. Difference between text datatype and String datatype
  43. What is datatype in MYSQL
  44. What are the meaning of classes and objects
  45. Difference between argument and parameter
  46. difference between cookies and local storage
  47. what is the difference between session storage and local storage
  48. Difference between notice error and warning error
  49. What is the library
  50. Difference between authentication and authorization
  51. What is MVC
  52. What is polymorphism
  53. Difference between Primary key and foreign key
  54. What is the full form of DOM and give its types
  55. Can table have more than one primary key