User management system

Create a project for user management.


With correct credentials admin login and see the dashboard.
if credentials are wrong he will stay on login page and get a message of wrong credentials.

On successful login admin can see users list perform all crud operations.

The wireframe for the project UI is as follows:

Plan of Action

  1. Create database ums
  2. Create table users
  3. Insert 10 records in users table
  4. Create dashboard.php file
  5. Create database connection in dashboard.php file using PDO and show all records from users table in html table refer wireframe
  6. Add Edit and Delete link in Action column of table
  7. Create delete.php file
  8. Add delete functionality in delete.php file, Once the user get deleted redirect to dashboard.php page
  9. Create add.php file
  10. Create form in add.php file and keep action as add_action.php
  11. Create add_action.php file
  12. Add insert functionality in add_action.php file. Whatever data will come from html form will be inserted to database table user
  13. Once the data get inserted in table redirect to dashboard.php file
  14. Create edit.php file and link to Edit link in dashboard.php listing Ref: wireframe
  15. Load userdata in edit.php form using select query
  16. Create edit_action.php file
  17. Add update functionality in edit_action.php file
  18. Once the record get updated redirect to dashboard.php page
  19. Create table admin and add 1 record for admin username and password
  20. Create login.php file
  21. Create form in login.php with username and password field and action as login_action.php
  22. Create login_action.php
  23. Add login functionality in login_action.php
  24. Once the user credentials are correct then redirect to dashboard.php. In case credentials are incorrect then redirect to login.php with error message
  25. Create header.php
  26. include header.php file in all pages except action files
  27. Add Login and Logout button in header.php
  28. Add logout.php hyperlink to Logout button
  29. Add logout functionality by destryoing session in logout.php file
  30. Once User get logout then redirect to login.php page

login / logout using php session management P0
listing and delete user records P1
add/edit form with javascript/jquery validation P2
view user details in popup using ajax P3
Activity Log(Add, Edit, Delete) P4
search, sort and pagination in listing page P5

Technologies to be used:
git and gitlab for version control
HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 5 for UI/UX
jquery 3.6 for validation
php 7.4 as backend programming language
mysql 8 database
nginx web server
infinityfree for website hosting
jenkins and git-ftp for CI/CD

Reference link:

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