Linux Basics

  1. What is the meaning of $ and #
  2. What is SSH connection How to make ssh connection without password
  3. How to check service status
  4. How to check free memory
  5. How to check available space on server
  6. How to check running processes and how to kill specific process with id
  7. Difference between cp and scp and rsync
  8. What is CRON. How to set up CRON.
  9. How to create folder within folder which doesn’t exist.
  10. How to check load on server
  11. How to take backup of any project folder


  1. How to find word in all files of specific directory
  2. How to find location of any file
  3. How to find any file in specific directory
  4. How to count number of lines in any file
  5. How to find number of lines in all files of specific folder
  6. How to show unique records in file
  7. How to sort contents of file line wise
  8. How to replace any word in vim editor
  9. How to replace any word from file without opening it
  10. How to replace any pattern in file using vim editor
  11. How to replace character from file from specific line to line e.g. line 10 to line 20, line 1 to last line
  12. How to swap words in file
    e.g. hello world
    hello india

    should give o/p as
    world hello
    india hello
  13. How to print only 2nd word of each line from a file