programs on pointers

  1. WAP to exchange values of 2 variables by calling a function exchange
  2. WAP to find length of a string by calling a function lenght
  3. WAP to copy contents of one string into another by calling a function copy.
  4. WAP to reverse contents of a string
  5. WAP to find sum of 10 int values by calling a function sum (passing array as an argument)
  6. WAP to find mean of 10 in values by calling a function MEAN (passing array as an argument)
  7. WAP to dynamically read n values and find their sum
  8. WAP to read information about n students and display them
  9. WAP to find area and circumference of a circle by calling a single function circle
  10. WAP to call functions area and circumference of circle by using function pointer
  11. WAP to count total number of words in a string by calling a function wcount
  12. WAP to read a String and coutn total vowels in that string
  13. WAP to read a string and count total no of digits in that string
  14. WAP to read a string and copy it into another array
  15. WAP to rad a string and reverse that string

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