Spring Web MVC Hello World


Git Clone Link: https://gitlab.com/shaileshsonare/spring_helloworld.git

Step 1. Create new Project

Step 2. Name the Project and select location


Step 3. Select Server and Settings


Step 4. Select Framework to include in Project’s library and include JSTL (Java Server Pages Tag Library)


Step 5. Project Created Successfully

Step 6. Check Welcome file. This file will display on browser if we enter only Project name in url.

e.g. http://localhost:8080/ProjectName/

Step 7. This section will decide which url pattern will be consider as Spring Requests and which url is not a part of Spring Framework.

Here all *.htm (URL ending with .htm from browser) will be consider as Spring request.


Step 8. You can run normal jsp pages also from browser which will not be part of Spring framework.


Step 9. Create new jsp file as

Right Click on WebPages >> New >> Jsp File


Step 10. Run on Browser it will run as old traditional jsp project file.


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