1. WAF repeat to display a char specified no of times.
  2. WAF intrest to calculate simple intrest.
  3. WAF to return Volume of Sphere
  4. WAF to return mean of 3 numbers
  5. WAF to return greatest of 2 numbers
  6. WAF to return Factorial of given Number
  7. WAF to return Sum of Given Number.
  8. WAF to return Greatest of 3 numbers.
  9. WAF to print all numbers from 1 to given numbers
  10. WAF to repeat a given char given number of timest.
    e.g. repeat(‘#’, 25)
  11. Design a recursive function factorial to return factorial of given number.
  12. Design a recursive function intrest to return compound intrest.
  13. Design a recursive function SOD to return sum of digit of given number.
  14. WAF to return sum of number which is passed in a Array.
  15. WAF to return Mean of numbers which is passed in a Array.
  16. WAF to return Greatest number which is passed in a Array.

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